Kayla Freeman

I was pleased with the work done. Workers were very personable. Thank you Attic Renew.

Robert Smith

This is one of the best companies in Town, its hard to find a trust-able company to enter the privacy of your home. And I’m beyond words satisfied with Attic renew, Their team was very respectful of my property and did an amazing job covering all the areas and cleaning every single duct and vent […]

Russel Williams

They are always prompt and understanding of our request. They have an awesome cleaning service crew they did a wonderful job balancing at both of the needs quality as well as price. Highly recommend Attic renew.

Simon Jones

After a phone conversation with a customer representative at Attic renew they find the closest technician they had to come as soon as possible to inspect my A/C unit that suddenly stopped working. Found out that the problem was that it ran out of Freon. Had my system working normal again within 2 hours. Thank […]

Louis L. Taylor

I’m so pleased with the way they got my american standard A/C unit working again. Thank you Attic renew! I highly recommend them for any of your A/C needs. 5 STARS all the way!

HVAC Cleaning

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. And yes, it is fair to assume, that rusty old fans and dusty pipes directly affect the air you’re breathing everyday. But don’t worry – whether you need cleaning or repairs right away or simply want to avoid costly problems down the road, Attic Renew 360 is […]

Green Living

Environmental consciousness is on everyone’s minds these days and Attic Renew 360 can help you do your part for the environment by having your very own green home, or by making changes to your existing home so that it’s more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Peter Brown

Fantastic work guys! Looking forward to be working with you again!