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Adding insulation to your attic is one of the easiest methods to increase the comfort of living in your house and decrease your energy bills. Many people decide to seal their attic because it increases the home temperature during the cold months and prevents cold air from the air conditioner from slipping out in the hot summer. Sealing an attic is also one of the best methods to prevent mice from getting inside the house.

Isolating an attic can seem like a simple task. While the process of applying foam is indeed straightforward, the problems start when it comes to deciding on the amount of insulation that should be added. It is possible to over-insulate the attic. However, even more common are the situations when buildings are under-insulated.

Level your insulation

Level your insulation bay area
How to level your insulation

If you already added some insulation to your attic, a quick look at the attic span should tell you a lot regarding the amount of applied insulation. In case you notice that insulation is on the level with your floor joints or even below them, you should definitely add more insulation. If you don’t see any floor joists because the insulation covers them, most probably you have enough or even too much of it. Adding more might not be cost-effective and cause over-insulation that can lead to humidity and mold problems.

It is crucial to spread the insulation evenly. There should not be any low spots. Commonly, there is enough insulation in the middle of the space, but in the eaves, the level is too low because people skip these points. Thus, the isolation might not play the role it should in keeping energy inside the house.

R-value specifies the levels of insulation. It is a measurement that shows the ability of insulation to resist heat. Usually, the higher is this value, the better is the isolation. Most attics should be insulated on the level of R-38. That means you should add between 10 to 14 inches, depending on the type of insulation.

If your attic requires additional insulation, you shouldn’t use the same material that was applied previously. For example, if your insulation was created with fiberglass batts, you can add loose fill on top of it, and vice-versa. While using fiberglass on loose-fill, you should verify that the fiberglass batt does not have a paper or foil backing.

Size of insulation

The inches of insulation that should be added to your attic can vary depending on the size of the attic, joints, and so on. Looking at the joints of your attic’s floor should give you a vague idea about the amount of insulation that should be used in the process of isolating your house. However, remember that over-insulating and under-insulating can lead to big problems in your house, including increased electrical bills, humidity, uneven temperatures in the rooms, etc.

While adding loose fill to your attic, you may need to use a special blowing machine. You can rent one from some home improvement stores, but hiring a professional could save you time.

If you are installing your first insulation and are unsure of the number of layers you need to add, it would be best to consult an expert. If you have already added insulation to your attic, but you noticed some house problems such as increased energy usage, high humidity, mold, increased temperature in the top part of your house, you should consult an expert.

Putting the right amount of insulation layer in your attic is crucial for fulfilling the required role. Instead of trying DYI, trust professionals who know how to take care of your place and provide you with the best solutions for your attic insulation.

David Malul
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Thank you guys for working hand to hand with me. I definitely appreciate the excellent job you have done in my house. My attic and insulation was infested of rats droppings and bacterias. I'm beyond happy of the excellent work your crew has done replacing the old insulation for new one, rodent proofing and air sealing. Also appreciate leaving my house and working area like nothing happened. Great job.
Ray Khano
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Had a great experience hanging my insulation and deep cleaning of my attic. Great value, good work done , everything looks like new and my electrical bill went done significantly. Worth every penny!
Andrew Mushak
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Thank you Attic Renew 360 your team did an excellent job cleaning out my Crawlspace and improving the energy efficiency of my house. I appreciated the quality of work of the workers and knowledge of the representative who was very kind to guide through the whole process and showed me pictures from before and after finishing the project. I’m beyond satisfied.
Alesia Kulahina
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Very satisfied with Attic Renew 360 for coming to my house and taking care of the rodents problem in my attic. I have to say that they did excellent job. They cleaned and replaced my 20 year old insulation from my attic for a brand new one and made sure not holes are left without sealing in my attic so I can sleep peacefully at nights without rodents noise. Their crew was very fast, neat and professional.
ZiWen Ge
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I’m very happy that I hired this company to renovate my attic. They have done an excellent work in my attic, they took all of the old, dusty insulation. Cleaned my attic and applied a sanitized the whole area and rodent proofing. As well they installed a brand new pink insulation. Their crew was on time and were polite to show me pictures from before and after work. Anyone looking for a good and reliable company is Attic Renew 360.
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I’ve been suffering from rodents in my house for a few years. And finally decided to take care of this problem. I looked for a few estimates and the best price I got was from Attic Renew 360 Corp. They scheduled my work for 2 days after inspection and they did excellent work. My insulation was damaged and full of droppings based on the rodents problem. Thank fully they got rid of that as well sealed every single hole and cracks in my attic and around the house. Simon and he’s crew were very polite and responsible, I’m very satisfied with this company.
Pantiepads Inc.
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I’m very satisfied with Attic Renew 360 They did a great job, Attic deep cleaning, Rodent proofing, they air sealed holes and cracks around my attic and re-insulate with eco friendly insulation. Sam was our main contact. He was Very responsable and he’s team that came in to to the job were very professional. The tech that did the follow up did a great job as well. Was impressed by how clean and neat they were considering what a messy job it is, and all done in one day and my attic is perfect. It gives me a relief that my attic is free of rodents and germs.

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