Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents do an essential job as a ventilation system. When you wash your clothes in the laundry machine, water vapor starts to form. A dryer vent transports the moisture to a safe area outside your home. It is a useful function as it keeps your clothes dry during laundry.
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However, a dryer vent needs to be adequately clean regularly. If not, lint starts to let loose within the dryer vent itself. Since lint is flammable, you have a potential fire hazard. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, faulty dryer vents are the cause of almost $100 million worth of property damage. Over 24,000 houses catch fire every year because of lint build-up in the ventilation system. Other harmful air contaminants, such as dust and dirt, can also clog up a vent. It leads to bad air quality, which typically results in headaches, fevers, and respiratory illnesses. Sometimes it is hard to detect, but there are ways to figure out the problem with your dryer vent.

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Warning Signs

Consider the warning signs. Drying time might take longer, for up to half an hour, and it may shut off during a cycle. You might find excessive lint on your clothes and not on the lint screen. Heat is another good indication, such as hot clothes and an overly warm dryer top. If you notice your dryer vents are dirty, you should consider dry vent cleaning. Otherwise, you face potential safety hazards. It would help if you had skillful technicians who understand the importance of your household’s health and safety.

360 Attic Renew - We Clean Your Dryer Vents

If you want dependable cleaning cursive, then 360 Attic Renew is what you should look for. With several years of experience under our belts, our trained team of professionals can perform dryer vent cleaning with expertise. We remove lint from your dryer vents with up-to-date technology and strategic planning. Our technicians are certified to follow safety guidelines, in addition to Covid-19 responses, to protect you and your household.

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We primarily serve the Bay Area. Our locations include San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Berkley, and the surrounding areas. We are swift with our response time, so we arrive at your location right on schedule. Customer service is friendly, and our team is well-qualified to fix any problems your dryer vent has.

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Here Is How We Do It

Our dryer vent cleaning service involves a quick inspection. Safety is a priority of 360 Attic Renew, so we make sure not to cause any damage in the process. We then follow through with our high-powered vacuum cleaners. Modern technology allows us to clean every square inch of your dryer vents. We collect any leftover lint, dust particles, and dirt from the ventilation system. Particular attention is paid to the corners of the vents, so we do not miss anything. Our certified technicians are specifically trained to handle these types of situations to ensure a qualified cleaning process.

Benefits of a Clean Dryer Vent

The most imperative motive of dryer vent cleaning is to ensure there are no potential fire hazards. Since we remove the lint from the ventilation system, it significantly reduces the chance of a house fire. Safety is a significant priority, which dryer vent cleaning provides. Air quality also improves as a result, which allows a clean environment for healthy living. You also save on energy costs. When a dryer vent is dirty, it requires more energy consumption. Clean dryer vents last much longer, so they are a cost-effective measure to save you time and money. Your clothes also dry faster, so they do not wear and tear quickly.

You Can Live In a Cleaner Environment with 360 Attic Renew

A dryer vent does its job correctly when it is clean. With 360 Attic Renew, you keep it this way. Lint is a significant cause of housefires, so our skilled team makes sure to remove any debris leftover in your dryer vent. We only use the most acceptable technology with our powerful vacuums, so we do not leave behind anything. What you get is the improvement of airflow, which allows you to clean your clothes without any potential danger. You can enjoy a safer household free of fire hazards, fewer energy bills, and the health benefits of cleaner air.

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