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As time goes, so is the foundation of our houses. It needs constant repairs. Aside from the increase in our electric and water bill, the house itself falls apart. From the paint that is fading to even the flooring breaks. That is why we often ask for help from general insulation company services. It is best to know the services offered by insulation companies near me, so providing service is within the vicinity. 

My electric bills are killing my bank account!

The leakage from our attic may cause impending disaster. There is an average of 50%, according to a survey from house owners in the United States, stating that their bill increased because of improper or non-functional heating and cooling insulation. Our HVAC system is outlined to regulate the temperature in the house. It should provide comfort to the owners. 

The HVAC system should always be placed underneath our roof or attic part of the house. Imagine then if the attic is on the verge of fall. It would lessen the crawl space. Crawl space should give way to at least 1 to 1.5 meters apart. If there is a break in the attic, the insulated lines will break up. Once the HVAC lines are dismantled, it would significantly affect our heating and cooling costs budget.


Attic Insulation

To prevent further damage, such as rotting attic rafters, we should ask for a professional’s help. But first, we need to know the type of insulation that is best for your home and attic. There are three materials best suited for insulation which serve different purposes. 

The first is the use of Fiberglass material. Fiberglass is quite expensive but environmentally friendly. Also, it is best known for its ability not to absorb water. The next is the use of mineral wool. Mineral wool is non-inflammable and does not melt during combustion. It promotes attic ventilation. Lastly is the use of cellulose material. It is composed of recyclable materials, which is why it becomes vulnerable to flame and rodent infestation.

There are two types of insulators we install in attics, which are the loose-fill and batt insulationLoose-fill insulation is less expensive to install than batt insulation. It becomes cheaper in amount because it is made from recycled materials, unlike batt insulation which uses fiber glasses. On the other hand, batt insulation is better for areas without many pipes and wires cutting the insulation. It is suitable for lesser pipes along the line because batt insulation is more susceptible to moisture. When fiber glasses are wet, they are waterproof, and the humidity takes place in the insulators. For a secured attic ventilation repair, we should ask experienced professional insulation care. 

Wall Insulation

Frequently, fluctuating temperatures cause high energy bills. Most of the problems encountered by workers are found in the attic area. However, some misconceptions took place from the current investigation. The insulated and air-sealed area from the HVAC system may have leakage on the wall. To prevent this from happening, Attic Renew 360 should add insulation to the exterior walls. Instead of repair, we should install batt insulation. Batt insulation uses products made from either fiberglass or wools that can insulate both attic and walls. 

On the other hand, we can try the blow-in insulation. We do this method through air sealing. Air sealing is less invasive than using batt insulation. Air sealing uses a blowing process and injects the insulation to air-seal any entry points of heat or cold moisture. 

Crawl Space Insulation

In some cases, when the attic is fine, and walls are tightly insulated, the home energy escape of the least 15% in the floor or basementLoss of energy may happen first place, even at the crawlspace. Hot or cold moisture will leak out of your crawlspace then directly goes to the flooring. Foundation materials like concrete, stone, and wood of the house have no insulating value. Once on the ground, we feel less comfortable from the temperature increase or drop. We tend to increase our heater or conditioner to improve the atmosphere inside the house. Thus, increasing our energy cost expenditure. 

The Best Insulation Companies

Our home insulation companies will work to the best of their services we offered. We have on our site home insulation companiesspray insulation companiesgeneral insulation companies, and foam insulation companies.

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Air Sealing

The duct system is programmed to supply our house with conditioned or heated ventilation. Air leakage can happen from our attic, in the crawlspace, to the walls, and the floor. Some tips to consider are to add or replace your insulation. In some cases, ducts are poorly sealed or insulated. This is the reason why we have higher energy bills when we try to regulate the system. We may try caulking and weather stripping to solve our problems. However, for an energy-efficient home remedy, we should hire a professional. Indeed, they will solve our ventilation problem, improve our heating and cooling cost.

Rodent Proofing

To prevent insulation problems from occurring in the next period, we should check the attic or crawl space every six months. Insulation from electrical wiring and duct system should be well-taken care of. Be careful also to check the attic and insulators for rodent proofing. Often, rodents are the leading cause of damages from insulations. 

Radiant Barrier

Besides, from insulator materials, we may try to use radiant barriers installed in homes. Radiant barriers are usually attached in the attic part of the house. Though it is commonly used to prevent heat during summertime, it works efficiently to reduce cooling costs. It works as insulation from thermal heat. 

Insulation Removal

With our workers, we are at peace when they are removing and replacing insulation. They have the skills and are well-trained regarding the matter. They are insulation experts that worked in different places already. They are experienced wise with the subject matter. 

Radiant Barrier

Insulation Company Near Me

You may try to check our insulation page to further our services offered for insulation companies near me. We assure you that our services are one of a kind and will resolve your concern with a single transaction. You may contact our mobile number or e-mail website for your interest, and we would gladly entertain your queries. 

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