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If you want to look for a distributor of materials for residential and commercial insulation, you can go to the general insulation company. This company is the foremost manufacturer and distributor of materials for your insulation needs.

The Attic Renew 360 Insulation Company in San Mateo, CA, is an insulation company near me. They provide insulation services to make a more energy-efficient home and commercial area.

How much cool air is leaking from your home? 

A home with proper insulation has many advantages, such as saving on home heating and cooling costs is just one of them. 

Your HVAC system doubles its work in heating and cooling your home to provide for the energy escape through the attic, walls, and crawlspace. Proper insulation is needed, especially in these areas where heat and cold temperatures are at their peak. 

It’s pretty simple to have your house correctly insulated, and the financial payback is sizeable. Many insulation companies provide you the best insulation suitable for your home to save your electric bill cost.

Attic Insulation 

Installing attic insulation would be an excellent start to insulate your home since most heat rises and energy escapes through the roof. This is best done with professionals since many jobs are needed, such as covering the opening of ducts, rotting attic raftersattic ventilation, and rodent infestation. Only experienced insulation professionals are appropriate for jobs because some jobs are very dangerous and hazardous to health. 

In Attic Renew 360 Insulation Company, we offer two types of insulation we install in attics. These two types are loose-fill and batt insulation.

Loose-fill insulation is less expensive to install than batt insulation, and if it is done correctly, this provides better coverage. If you are on a budget, this insulation type is suitable for you.

Batt insulation is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, and other hindrances. The installation process will require cutting the insulation to fit in the area surrounded by these obstructions. In this case, the efficiency of the insulation is lessened since gaps and holes may occur. 

What type of insulation (for home or business) is best for your home and your attic? Attic Renew 360 Insulation Company will help you choose what is best for you. But first, you must check the condition of the attic. It would be best to close all holes and bulkheads before choosing the type of insulation to be used.

Wall Insulation 

Now that your attic is correctly insulated and air-sealed. Yet, you are still experiencing problems like high energy bills and fluctuating temperatures. The best solution is to add insulation to the exterior walls of your place. You can also try to air-seal any entry points that can provide energy escapes. 

For an existing structure, the blow-in insulation is suitable to apply without difficulty. This insulation type can provide adequate air sealing and less invasive than using batt insulation. Additionally, blown-in insulation creates a sound- and A professional insulation technician will deaden the heat-reflective barrier, so unwanted sound from the outside as well.

Since there is a need to make a hole to inject the insulation, Attic Renew 360 Insulation Company will help you with the wall repairs. For new existing structures or if the wall cavity is open, it is easy to install batt insulation.

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulation in the crawlspace is quite exciting and controversial because there are several factors at play. Local climate and system type play critical roles in determining the amount of energy and money you will save.

Some of the home energy escapes through the floors and out of your crawlspace and basement. When you’ve determined whether you should insulate your basement walls or ceilings, you can decide whether or not you should use board or batt insulation.

Most of the foundation materials like concrete and stone have no insulating value. Therefore, a significant loss of energy is probably experienced. While some ignore this issue, providing crawlspace insulation will help you save a lot. 

Air Sealing 

Before you add or replace your insulation, the first to do is ensure that your home is appropriately air-sealedAir leakage happens when hot air from the outside enters the house or cool air inside goes out through gaps and openings present in the attic, walls, and crawlspace

You should also check the duct system. When ducts are poorly sealed or insulated, this will cause higher energy bills. It is vital to hire a professional who will identify the possible exit and entry points of air to solve the problems and eventually reduce air leakage.

To create an energy-efficient home, you must properly seal the opening to reduce the amount of air leakage into your home. This is also another way to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Insulation pro technicians can do other effective air-sealing techniques through caulking and weatherstripping.

Rodent Proofing

Rodents are your uninvited guests on the house. They usually thrive in a warm and comfortable area like that in the attic or crawl space. They are considered harmful, especially when they begin to eat your valuable things. They also want to chew on your insulation, electrical wiring, and duct system, which will cause a much bigger problem. 

Likewise, rodents pee and waste can cause disease to you and your family. Of course, you would not want to share with these animals the comfort of your home. Ensure all entry points (get a drone if it’s too hard for you to climb on the roof) are properly sealed to limit the invasion of rodents in our area.

Rodent-proofing your house helps make it less attractive to rodents. It will be difficult (up to impossible) for them to come and leave your home. This scenario will lessen the possible air leakage brought by rodents who come inside the house. 

Insulation Removal

As time passes, your insulation will be less efficient due to outside factors like rodents contaminating it. Bacteria in urine, or even from decomposing animals, will harm the insulation. 

Removing and replacing your home’s insulation will significantly improve its efficiency by providing a more energy-efficient home.

Look for insulation experts to safely and accurately help you do the job to avoid damage to your home interior. 

Radiant Barrier 

Radiant barriers installed in homes, usually in attics, reduce the sun’s heat, especially during summer. The attics heat up because of the sun’s radiant heat transferred to the loft via convection. The attic space heats up, which in turn warms the whole building. 

This also results in rising summer energy consumption and higher costs for the latter. Save a lot with a radiant barrier! An excellent installation of a radiant barrier in the attic will reduce heat transfer by up to 17% in warm climates and reduce cooling costs.

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