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If you were looking for “insulation companies near me,” you’ve come to the right place! At Attic Renew 360 in Milpitas, CA, we ensure that your attic gets the treatment it needs to get proper attic insulation depending on your specific circumstances.

Stop the Money Leaking From Your Home

Proper insulation plays a big part in how much money you pay on energy bills each month. If your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, you may be looking at some energy leaks through the walls, attic, or crawlspace, which can increase your heating and cooling costs to up to 42% of the original bill.

A properly insulated home not only optimizes how your home handles heat flow; it also lowers the total amount of energy bills you have to pay at the end of the month by up to 20%.

If you’re ready to optimize your insulation at home and you’re looking for home insulation companies in Milpitas, CA, make sure to contact our team!

Attic Insulation in Milpitas, CA

When it comes to installing attic insulation for your home, you need to make sure that experienced insulation professionals do it. As the years’ pass, your attic may be affected by improper attic ventilation, rodent infestation, or rotting attic rafters.

Considering the issues above, you need to get experienced insulation professionals to do the job to find out which type of insulation is best for your home and your attic.

Overall, there are two types of insulation we install in attics: loose-fill and batt insulation.

The loose-fill insulation is less expensive to install than batt insulation, but it requires much more expertise to install. In contrast, batt insulation is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, or others, since they may require you to cut the insulation to fit them, which affects its efficiency.

If you were looking for “insulation companies near me,” you’ve come to the right place! At Attic Renew 360 in Milpitas, CA, we ensure that your attic gets the treatment it needs to get proper attic insulation depending on your specific circumstances. Keep in mind that having adequate insulation can save you money in the long run, which is excellent news for everyone at home.

If you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable home with outstanding heating and cooling systems, call our team!

Wall Insulation

Some people don’t notice energy escapes because they’re not easy to catch. Even if your attic is properly insulated and air-sealed, there’s a chance that you may be experiencing fluctuating temperatures at home and high energy bills. There’s a slight chance that you need to add insulation to the exterior walls to air-seal any entry points in these cases.

Our general insulation company works with two types of insulation: blow-in insulation and batt insulation. We always suggest blow-in insulation for homes since they provide much better air sealing, and it’s less invasive than using batt insulation.

To do this, we inject the insulation in a three-inch diameter hole and make the necessary repairs after. However, if the gap is already open, it may be best to install batt insulation since it’s easier.

Crawl Space Insulation

A crawlspace or basement is one of the most important parts to check when making a home improvement, and it’s one of the most overlooked ones. Did you know that about 15% of your home energy escapes through the floors and out of your crawlspace?

Stone and concrete are two of the most common foundation materials for a crawlspace.c Unfortunately, they provide no insulating value, which can cause a high loss of energy if it isn’t fixed on time.

Spray insulation companies are the best choice for giving proper insulation to your crawlspace/ basement in Milpitas, CA. If you’re ready to begin, make sure to contact our team!

Air Sealing in Milpitas, CA

Air sealing should always be done before you add or replace your insulation at home. In other words, you need to ensure that your place is air-sealed tightly to prevent any air leakage through your attic, walls, crawlspace, or even your duct system.

Some ducts are poorly sealed or insulated, which translated to higher energy bills in the future. If you want to reduce air leakage and your heating cooling costs, it may be best to hire a professional.

Our team works with the weatherstripping and caulking techniques, two effective air-sealing techniques for your home. After you work with our foam insulation company, you’re going to notice how your investment starts to pay up.

Rodent Proofing

Depending on where you live, rodents may be near your home looking for a place to shield themselves from freezing temperatures. If your home insulation works appropriately, these rodents may look for shelter in your attic or crawl space.

Overall, having rodents roaming around in your insulation system can cause them to damage your electrical wiring and duct system, as well as passing diseases to other people in your home.

Usually, you’re not going to notice the entry points for rodents at home since they’re typically pretty small. Additionally, these entry holes can cause a substantial amount of heat to pass through there, which also damages your insulation and increases your bills.

If you want to make sure that everything works properly, contact our team in Milpitas, CA, for more information on rodent proofing! Getting this work done in your home can significantly protect you and your family from any rodents in your home and reduce your bills.

Insulation Removal

There may come a time when your insulation gets old or damaged, which can affect its efficiency. Even if you keep proper maintenance to your insulation, they can naturally stop working. Factors such as dust or animal feces/urine can severely affect their performance over the years.

Not only can it affect your bills, but it can also affect your family’s health, so you need to take care of any insulation problems with insulation experts, such as us! Our team at Milpitas, CA, can work for both removing and replacing old insulation, so if you want to increase your home’s energy efficiency, contact us so that we can get to work!

Radiant Barrier in Milpitas, CA

In higher temperature seasons, such as summer, it’s important to get good insulation to reduce cooling costs. For those scenarios, having radiant barriers installed in homes are a great way to manage that increased heat by reflecting it.

If you were looking for a general insulation company in Milpitas, CA, to help you with this, our team at Attic Renew 360 is the best way to go! We work hard to ensure that your new radiant barrier is installed properly to reflect as much radiant heat as possible. Keep in mind that these barriers work even better when they’re installed perpendicularly to the energy that strikes them.

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