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How to avoid Money Leaking from Your Home?

If you do not have the proper insulation in your home, your heating and cooling costs can skyrocket out of control. About 42% of the average homeowner’s utility bill goes towards their heating and cooling. This percentage only goes up when the house is not adequately insulated.

Your HVAC system serves an essential purpose to provide heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning to a building as needed. If your insulation is not up to par, you could be losing energy to your walls, crawlspace, and attic regularly. If you’ve never searched for an “insulation company near me,” this could be the right time.

Attic Insulation in San Jose

One of the types of home installation services we offer is installing attic insulation. We have experienced insulation professionals and can take care of any insulation job you need in your attic.

We install two types of insulation in attics: loose-fill and batt insulation, also known as roll. Batt insulation is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, and other complexities. Cutting the insulation to fit around these obstructions makes the overall insulation in the attic less effective at preventing heat loss. On the other hand, loose-fill insulation is less expensive to install than batt insulation. Many of our clients choose this option because it provides excellent coverage.

If you need help figuring out which type of insulation is best for your home and your attic, then reach out to us at Attic Renew 360. Having a properly insulated attic can bring down your heating and cooling bills significantly. We have worked in attics with a rodent infestation, rotting attic rafters, and poor attic ventilation so that you can depend on us. We are professionals, and our trained team can safely and accurately carry out any job, no matter the underlying conditions of your attic.

Wall Insulation

Once your attic is insulated properly, you have to consider the energy losses through your wall installation. This causes fluctuating temperatures and leads to high energy bills.

Attic Renew 360 can add insulation to the exterior walls and air-seal any entry points. Using blow-in insulation is the better option because it is less invasive than using batt insulation. It also offers better air sealing. In this method, we inject the insulation into a hole in the wall. We usually install batt insulation in homes where the wall cavity is open. Get in touch with us for insulated and air-sealed walls or any other outstanding repairs.

Crawl Space Insulation San Jose

A sizeable portion of your home energy escapes out of your crawlspace or basement, but very often, these areas are neglected when considering home insulation. The loss of power through the floors and crawlspace can also impact your heating and cooling bills.

It’s worth noting that the foundation materials in your house, including concrete and stone, have no insulating value. You are going to need a tailor-made insulation solution to cut the energy lost in the downward direction. Reach out to spray insulation companies like us

today to find out more about our crawl space insulation services. Home general insulation companies tend to have different methods with one common goal in mind for your crawl space. We all know how to get the job done efficiently and correctly, so you can go on worry-free!

Air Sealing

Air leakage through openings in your attic, walls, and crawlspace can also lead to higher energy bills. Before you decide to add or replace your insulation, you should check that your home is properly air sealed.

When your ducts are poorly sealed or insulated, this can also increase your heating and cooling costs. You should hire a professional like us to reduce air leakage in your duct system and the other parts of the house. With our effective air-sealing techniques, including caulking and

weatherstripping, you can have a more energy-efficient home and a better regulated indoor air temperature. Call our general insulation company to help the airflow in your home!

Rodent Proofing

Rodent proofing is another essential service we provide to make your home more energy-efficient. Rodents are unwelcome guests in any home. They may enter your home and hide away in your attic or crawl space, searching for food, warmth, and shelter. Not only do they carry diseases around, but they can cause damage to your house. It’s not uncommon for rodents to chew up parts of your furniture. They can even gnaw away at your electrical wiring, insulation, and duct system.

Besides the risk of disease and the damage to your property, rodents’ presence indicates that there are cracks and openings in your home. These need to be filled up. These openings can lead to energy losses, and this is sure to drive up your utility bills. Let us seal and insulate these access points in your house with our rodent proofing services. We won’t let you down!

Insulation Removal

If the insulation in your home has become old, damaged, and ineffective, this could be the right time to do something about it. A foam insulation company like us can help you remove and replace your insulation, be it in the attic, walls, or crawlspace.

We are insulation experts with years of experience. Our team knows how to identify the insulation gaps in your home and address these. Over time, your insulation can naturally decline, and the presence of rodents only expedites this.  In our experience, replacing old insulation can lead to a noteworthy reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Radiant Barrier

Another way to make your home more energy-efficient and to reduce cooling costs is to use radiant barriers in your attic. Radiant barriers installed in homes and attics work but reflecting heat rather than absorbing it.

These barriers have the most impact when installed perpendicular to the radiant heat and a large temperature difference between them. Consider using radiant barriers in summer when high temperatures can frequently lead you to use your air conditioning system. Go energy-efficient with our services!

End your search for insulation companies near me today. Contact us for more information.

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