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The attic is usually prone to insulation issues, such as bad attic ventilation, rotting attic rafters, or rodent infestation. If this is your case, your best way to go would be to install attic insulation with experienced insulation professionals.

Hiring a general insulation company in Saratoga

Heating and cooling costs may be negatively affected due to inadequate insulation in your home. An improperly insulated house can cause the HVAC system to overload and produce much more energy than it needs, which can cause some to leak through your crawlspace, attic, or walls.

If you want to keep your heating and cooling costs in check, you should consider hiring our general insulation company. Having a professional around can help you identify the problem in a much faster motion, helping you manage your energy bills efficiently.

Get ready to improve your home and save some money on energy bills with the help of our team at Saratoga, CA!

Attic Insulation in Saratoga

The attic is usually prone to insulation issues, such as bad attic ventilation, rotting attic rafters, or rodent infestation. If this is your case, your best way to go would be to install attic insulation with experienced insulation professionals.

Some homeowners prefer to try the fixes by themselves, but we heavily suggest you not try this; if you don’t have experience with insulation systems, you may worsen the problem over time, which can increase your energy bills in the future.

Alternatively, you can contact our home insulation companies in Saratoga, CA, so we can determine which type of insulation is best for your home and your attic. There are currently two types of insulation we install in attics: loose-fill and batt insulation.

Batt insulation is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, or other obstacles. Homes with that many elements require cutting the insulation to do the job correctly. On the other hand, the loose-fill insulation is less expensive to install than batt insulation, but it’s more delicate to do, so it needs to be done by a professional.

Regardless of the type of insulation you need, our foam insulation company is ready to help you each step of the way. Contact our team, and let’s get started!

Wall Insulation in Saratoga

You may experience fluctuating temperatures and high energy bills even if your attic is insulated and air-sealed. The best solution to this issue is to add insulation to your property’s exterior walls and air-seal all the possible entry points.

In most cases, we suggest using blow-in insulation because it’s less invasive than using batt insulation. This is a non-invasive method to inject the insulation inside the wall and make any required repairs to the hole created.

On the other hand, you can choose to install batt insulation if any of your wall cavities are open; installing batt insulation is much more comfortable.

Crawl Space Insulation

In many homes in Saratoga, CA, home energy escapes through your floors and out of your crawlspace. Typically, people don’t notice this, which can add to their general energy bills at the end of the month.

When it comes to a crawlspace or basement, you need to keep an eye out for concrete and stone, their foundation materials. These materials usually offer no insulating value, making them responsible for the loss of energy in your home.

If you want to take care of those insulation issues in your crawlspace, consider hiring our spray insulation companies. We’re more than ready to provide you with all the tools necessary to keep your home up and to run throughout the year!

Air Sealing

If you’ve decided to add or replace your insulation, ensure that your home is properly air-sealed first. One reason for increased heating and cooling costs is air leakage, which can pass through cracks in your attic, walls, or crawlspace. Additionally, if your ducts are poorly sealed or insulated, you could face even higher energy bills in the future.

In these cases, consider hiring a professional to take care of the issue and fix your duct system. Our team of experts usually works with two effective air-sealing techniques: Caulking and weatherstripping.

Regardless of the job, we’re optimistic that we can convert your home into an energy-efficient home. If you’re ready to start, contact our team!

Rodent Proofing in Saratoga

Rodents are a common issue to deal with, but they can be overwhelming in some homes. Usually, rodents are looking to avoid cold temperatures, so they try to find a much warmer place to be, such as your attic or crawl space.

The problem with rodents is that they can damage your electrical wiring and duct system by biting on them; this can cause issues in your general insulation system and provide you with much higher energy bills at the end of the month.

While it’s not directly related to your insulation, rodents can quickly spread diseases, so it may be in your best interest to get rid of them as soon as possible. Our general insulation company can provide you with rodent proofing measures that make your home a much more complicated place to invade unwanted animals.

Don’t let the problem aggravate, and make sure that you hire the right people for the job; when it comes to insulation and energy-saving, every second count!

Insulation Removal

Your insulation system has a life cycle, and it may show you some signs of deterioration as time passes by. As your insulation system gets exposed to factors such as rodents, urine, or feces, it’s going to start getting some irreparable damage.

In these cases, removing and replacing old or damaged insulation can quickly solve the issue and improve the air quality inside your home. However, make sure that you go with a team of insulation experts to get a much more efficient job.

Insufficient insulation can cause several future problems, such as bad heating/cooling, air contamination, and high energy bills. If you want to make your home as efficient as it should be, contact us!

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers installed in homes are an amazing way to reduce cooling costs; this is because they’re used to reflect incoming radiant heat rather than absorbing that heat. If these barriers are installed perpendicular to the incoming heat, you’re likely to have much better management of your heat flow during hot seasons.

Commonly, radiant barriers are installed in attics since they’re continually exposed to radiant heat. These products have been proven useful against summer heat gain, known for severely increasing energy bills at home.

The process for installing radiant barriers is simple, and it can save you many headaches in the future. Contact our home insulation companies to begin converting your home into a much more efficient one!

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