Can You Put Too Much Insulation in Your Attic?

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Insulation has amazing benefits for a house. It is usually hidden behind the walls, under the floor, or in the attic, but even if it is not visible in everyday life, it is significantly influencing it. It can increase the quality of living for the house’s residents by reducing energy bills and improving comfort all year round. Insulation is also a great method to prevent vermin from getting inside the attic, and because of that, one of the cheapest methods to increase the value of the property on the real estate market.

You can clearly put too little insulation, and then it can start leaking, getting humid, and simply not fulfilling its function. If the house is under-insulated, you may have problem-saving money, keep your home warm, and feel comfortable there. However, many people think that the more insulation you put, the better the isolation will be. As with everything, the right amount is the key to proper functioning.

Insulation & Moisture

mositure in attic
Need mold and moister removal in the Bay Area

In the insulation of the attic, more means better, but you can surpass the magic point of “too much” very quickly. In case the building is over-insulated, isolation can cause a lot of serious problems. Where there is too much insulation, moisture tends to get trapped inside it. If the house doesn’t have proper ventilation, humidity can build up in the building. If that happens, the attic will be especially exposed to moisture, as warm air tends to rise to the building’s highest part.

High humidity levels lead to problems with mold and fungus. They are not only unaesthetic but also dangerous for human health. If a person is exposed to it for long, mold can cause severe problems, such as asthma, allergic reactions, fungal infections, throat irritation, sinus infections, and much more. If mold releases mycotoxins after long exposure, it can even lead to death.

Getting rid of the mold is problematic, time-consuming, and can be extremely expensive. This is why it is so crucial to add the proper amount of insulation in your attic.

House is over-insulated

Remember that the presence of mold and dampness doesn’t have to mean that your house is over-insulated. It can also be a sign of an old or broken HVAC system, malfunctioning sump pump in the basement, or the effect of a leaking pipe. When you notice high humidity in your home, you should reach experts who can help you verify and address the problem’s source.

Hiring a specialist that knows everything about insulation is a great idea that can save you time and money. There is a slight chance that your house is over-insulated. However, a more common problem is the under-insulation of houses.

Some of the signs that can suggest that your insulation doesn’t fulfill its role are:

  • Energy bills that are higher than usual without increasing the usage of energy,
  • Uneven temperatures in different rooms in the house,
  • A hot second floor of the house.

Installing insulation in an attic seems like an easy task, and indeed it can be if you know what you are doing. While applying the insulation is straightforward, the right amount is a bit problematic. This is why DIY projects are not always a great idea.

If you need to add just a bit of extra foam to seal one hole, you can trust your gut. However, when it comes to isolating the whole attic, it is best to contact professionals. By hiring an expert, you give yourself security that the materials are installed correctly and in the right amount, so you can enjoy safety, comfort, and lower energy bills.

David Malul
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I had Attic Renew 360 in my house removing and replacing the air ducts. They were very communicative from their customer service to their crew that were performing the work. Their price was very competitive and appreciated the pictures of before and after.
AAA Garage Doors
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Thank you guys for working hand to hand with me. I definitely appreciate the excellent job you have done in my house. My attic and insulation was infested of rats droppings and bacterias. I'm beyond happy of the excellent work your crew has done replacing the old insulation for new one, rodent proofing and air sealing. Also appreciate leaving my house and working area like nothing happened. Great job.
Ray Khano
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Had a great experience hanging my insulation and deep cleaning of my attic. Great value, good work done , everything looks like new and my electrical bill went done significantly. Worth every penny!
Andrew Mushak
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Thank you Attic Renew 360 your team did an excellent job cleaning out my Crawlspace and improving the energy efficiency of my house. I appreciated the quality of work of the workers and knowledge of the representative who was very kind to guide through the whole process and showed me pictures from before and after finishing the project. I’m beyond satisfied.
Alesia Kulahina
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Very satisfied with Attic Renew 360 for coming to my house and taking care of the rodents problem in my attic. I have to say that they did excellent job. They cleaned and replaced my 20 year old insulation from my attic for a brand new one and made sure not holes are left without sealing in my attic so I can sleep peacefully at nights without rodents noise. Their crew was very fast, neat and professional.
ZiWen Ge
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I’m very happy that I hired this company to renovate my attic. They have done an excellent work in my attic, they took all of the old, dusty insulation. Cleaned my attic and applied a sanitized the whole area and rodent proofing. As well they installed a brand new pink insulation. Their crew was on time and were polite to show me pictures from before and after work. Anyone looking for a good and reliable company is Attic Renew 360.
Lin Han
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I’ve been suffering from rodents in my house for a few years. And finally decided to take care of this problem. I looked for a few estimates and the best price I got was from Attic Renew 360 Corp. They scheduled my work for 2 days after inspection and they did excellent work. My insulation was damaged and full of droppings based on the rodents problem. Thank fully they got rid of that as well sealed every single hole and cracks in my attic and around the house. Simon and he’s crew were very polite and responsible, I’m very satisfied with this company.
Pantiepads Inc.
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I’m very satisfied with Attic Renew 360 They did a great job, Attic deep cleaning, Rodent proofing, they air sealed holes and cracks around my attic and re-insulate with eco friendly insulation. Sam was our main contact. He was Very responsable and he’s team that came in to to the job were very professional. The tech that did the follow up did a great job as well. Was impressed by how clean and neat they were considering what a messy job it is, and all done in one day and my attic is perfect. It gives me a relief that my attic is free of rodents and germs.

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